Homestay Ruteng Pu’u


Contact: Pak Sebastian

Telpon: +62 (0) 81239448791

Alamat: Kampung Ruteng Pu’u, Leda, Ruteng, Mangerrai, Flores

Harga: IDR 100.000 per malam/ per orang (dengan makan pagi)


The Pu’u community has just recently joined the Eco Flores Homestay Network. After two community members attended the 2014 Eco Flores Homestay Network Workshop, funded by Schmitz Stiftungen, work has begun in Pu’u to ready the community for guests. At the moment, one of our professional volunteers is living with the families of Pu’u, helping to set up the homestay community by providing training in community based tourism, waste management and basic English. The community and our volunteers work together to find local tourist attractions and create village activities so that you may enjoy your stay in our communities and learn about local Flores’ culture.

ninaHomestay Ruteng Pu’u

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