Homestays on Lembata


Lembata is a small island situated south-east of Flores, formerly known as Lomblen island. It is the largest island of the Solor Archipelgo. Lembata is an untouched paradise, it has a rich nature and wildlife and a fascinating traditional culture. The people of Lembata are, like many other inhabitants of Eastern Indonesia, famous for their handmade ikat weavings. The national language is Bahasa Indonesian and coexists with many local languages. The most widespread of these is Lamaholot, spoken by 150.000 or more people in the region.


Air Air transport to Lewoleba is now available every day, and includes transport from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Maumere or Kupang. The times and routes vary throughout the year, so it is best to check prior to departure. Airlines include Batavia Air, Lion Air, Mandala Air, Merpati and Trans Nusa Air.


Kupang – Lewoleba: Twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. 16 hours. Lewoleba – Kupang: Twice a week in Wednesday and Sunday. 16 hours. Larantuka – Lewoleba (Fast): Boats run daily during calm sea, leaving in early afternoon. 1 hour Larantuka – Lewoleba (Slow) (via Adonara): Boats run daily during calm sea, leaving in the morning. 3 hours


Overland transports consist of public bemo, motorbike and car rental, bejak, ojek, bus and minibus. These all run at various times, so is best to enquire upon arrival to Lewoleba. Car and Scooter rentals are available from Rejeki Hotel in Lewoleba, and can be used to explore Lembata.


There are two hospitals on Lembata, both located in Lewoleba, one governmental hospital Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah and Rumah Sakit Bukit which is run by Catholic Sisters and is known for better service.


There are three banks located in Lewoleba, BNI, BRI and Bank NTT, all of these banks are available to withdraw foreign currency at ATM’s and also transfer funds. Bank BRI are also very close to completing construction of a new branch in the heart of Lewoleba, with very good facilities. Internet access is also good in Lewoleba, with many warnet’s available, where you can get Internet access. Other facilities in Lewoleba include a park area, gym, snooker hall, barber shops, clothes shops, electronic stores, tennis court, volleyball, football pitch, and forest city – where there is a water source and the government are planning to create a conservation area to preserve the environment. There is also a Postal Office in Lewoleba, located in the main park, and international post is available as a service from here. Tourist Information is available within the Homestay, and transport to any tourist sites in Lewoleba is always locally available!!


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