Homestay Pantai Paris


Contact: Susi Koopman

Telephone: +62 (0)81353014229


Address: Bank Sampah, Pantai Paris, Lokaria,  Maumere

Room rate: IDR 300.000 for the room with ocean view, IDR 300.000 for the family room and IDR 90.000 per person for the backpackers room, 2 bunk beds (includes breakfast)


Maumere can be accessed from Ende or Larantuka by car, motorcycle or public transport within three to five hours.  Public transportation times are listed below.

Ende- Maumere (X hours):

Maumere – Ende ( X hours):

  • Price: XXX.000 per person

Larentuka- Maumere (X hours):

Maumere – Larentuka ( X hours):

  • Price: XXX.000 per person

Please be aware that local transport often runs late, so only approximate departure times have been provided.


The town of Maumere is much larger than the typical Eco Flores Homestay Community, with a population of over 47,000 people. In fact, it is the largest town on the island of Flores! This town offers tourists a wide range of facilities, including an immigration office and a domestic airport, offering flights to and from Bali, Kupang, and other nearby islands. Most importantly, Maumere offers visitors the unique opportunity to have direct insight into a creative and up and coming waste management initiative, Bank Sampah, run by your host at Pantai Paris. Its location right along the shore also offers visitors a great spot for relaxing in the sun or swimming in the ocean!


This homestay is located right along the shore of Pantai Paris. The homestay is comprised of an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The guest rooms: one room with ocean view, one family room and one backpackers room with 2 bunkbeds. Each room includes mosquito net, wardrobe, desk and clean bedding. The indoor bathroom is shared between the two guest rooms and includes a western style toilet and shower-height tap allowing for a comfortable wash. please be aware that the water is not heated. Internet is not provided in this home stay but is available in the shop across the street for a small fee.


Breakfast is included in the price of your stay and lunch and dinner can be purchased at extra cost. You may also help in preparing your meal with your host! If you have any food preferences (e.g. vegetarian) or allergies, please inform us upon reservation.

Homestay Activities

Bank Sampah Tour

Fishing, Boating and Snorkeling

Sunrise Breakfast or Sunset Dinner

Cultural Events

Freedom Day

Homestay Activities

Bank Sampah Tour

Fishing, Boating and Snorkeling

Sunrise Breakfast or Sunset Dinner

Local Excursions

Snorkeling and Diving

Maumere is situated in a beautiful location, surrounded by volcanoes and neighboured by 5 small islands. The pristine body of water between the Maumere coast and these islands is relatively calm, with few waves and weak currents.  This marine habitat As such this is a perfect place for sperm whales and dolphins to surface. Whale sharks are also seen in these areas at certain times of the year. And is home to over 1.200 species of fish. Maumere currently has three main diving schools and a number of different diving and snorkelling spots. The surrounding islands have beautiful coral reefs and costal/muck diving spots. Maumere also has some unique diving and snorkelling attractions, such as its own barrier reef, as well as a 70cm wide and 30 metres deep crack caused by the 1992 earthquake. Known only as The Crack, this place, gives visitors a unique opportunity to look into the complex infrastructures of the reefs.

Kampong Kloang Popot Dala Elat

Wetland Communities

Kampung Wuwur

Code of Conduct

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