Homestay Lewoleba


Contact: Emannuel Krova

Telephone: +62 (0) 823-5912-5613

Email Address:

Address: Homestay Krova, Berdikari, Lewoleba, Lembata

Roomrate: IDR 100.000 per night per person (includes breakfast)


Lewoleba can be accessed by public ferries and air transport from many locations throughout Eastern Nusa Tenggara.


Larantuka – Lewoleba (1-1.5 hours): Speed boats depart daily on calm around 8:30 am

Lewoleba – Larantuka (1-1.5 hours): Speed boats depart daily on calm seas around

  • Price: IDR 100.000

 Larantuka – Lewoleba via Adonara (3-4 hours): Slow boats depart daily on calm seas around 8:30am and 12am

Lewoleba – Larantuka via Adonara (3-4 hours): Slow boats depart daily during calm seas around 8:30 and 12am

  • Price: IDR 40.000

Kupang – Lewoleba (16 hours): Departs Tuesdays and Saturdays

Lewoleba – Kupang (16 hours): Departs Wednesdays and Sundays around

  • Price: IDR

Please be aware that local transport often runs late and that the provided prices may increase in the future due to the rising costs of petrol on the island of Flores.


Air transport to Lewoleba is now available on a daily basis and includes transport from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Maumere and Kupang. The schedules, routes, and ticket prices vary throughout the year, so please check departure times for local airlines including, Trans Nusa Air and Susi Air.



Lewoleba is the capital of the Lembata Regency of East Nusa Tenggara and is the largest town in Lembata. This town clearly differs from our average homestay communities but is included within the network as a strategic point for travel to and throughout the island of Lembata. Town facilities include local harbour, domestic airport, tourism information office and car and motorbike rental.


Only one family, has joined homestay network in Lewoleba but we are hoping to add new families in the future! The Krova family house provides three comfortable private bedrooms which include a mattress, mosquito net, lockable door, wardrobe, and chair. The shared bathroom facilities are located inside the house and feature a traditional squatter toilet and working shower head. The Krova house can host up to five guests at a time. Electricity is 24 hours per day and television and WiFi are available.


Breakfast is included in the price of your stay. Additional meals can be purchased for 25.000 IDR per meal. You may also help in preparing your meal with your host! If you have any food preferences (e.g. vegetarian) or allergies, please inform the homestay when you make your reservation.


More information to come!


Pulau Siput

Pulau Siput, or Snail Island, is a small island located ten minutes from Lewoleba harbour. This small sand island is only visible and accessible for three to four hours a day during low tide. The locals of Lewoleba regularly visit the island to collect shell fish and other sea food to eat at home or sell in Lewoleba’s local market. On this trip, you will join your homestay family on a short boat ride to the island where you will search the sands and collect shellfish using a small spade or your bare hands. Once on the island, you can also enjoy the views of the Lewoleba town, the harbour and the active volcano, Ile Ape. After collecting the shellfish, you will return to your homestay where you your host will teach you to prepare your catch for dinner. The trip is dependent on boat availability and ocean and tide conditions.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Price: IDR 50.000 per person

Contact: Emannuel Krova

Sunset Picnic at Bukit Bour

This half-day trip begins with an afternoon motorbike ride to Pantai Waijarang, located approximately 30 minutes from Lewoleba. This white sand beach a popular location for locals to relax, grill and enjoy ties with their families and friends. Here you can take a swim in the calm, warm waters, relax and chat with the locals on the beach. Before sunset, your motorbike tour will continue to the nearby Bukit Bour, a hill overlooking the islands of Solor and Adonara. Your homestay family will prepare your picnic which you will eat while the sunsets between the distant islands. After you finish your sunset picnic, you will return by motorbike to your homestay.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Price: IDR 100.000 per person (includes transport and food)

Contact: Emannuel Krova

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was established together with the homestay families and members of the community. All visitors to the homestays should follow these rules. Thank you for your understanding!

  •  Visitors must register in the village guest book upon arrival.
  • Visitors should cover up appropriately during their stay in Lembata (please see the section below on suggested clothing).
  • In traditional villages women must wear a t-shirt and a swimming shorts on the beach. In remote locations, it is ok to for women to wear bikinis, etc.
  • Visitors should not give children money. If tourists wish to give food to children they must ask an adult for permission.
  • If travelling as a couple, visitors should state that they are already engaged (bertunangan) to avoid being placed in separate rooms or to be turned away.
  • Being intimate/ showing affection (e.g. kissing) should be avoided in public areas and in the homestay.
  • Visitors may enter the local church and take photos as long as mass is not being held. During Sunday mass, only Christian visitors are allowed to enter the church. Visitors must wear appropriate clothing (please see the section below on suggested clothing).
  • When walking through a group it is polite to say permisi while bowing and walking through with your right hand held downwards in front of you.
  • Always give, pass and accept objects with the right hand.
  • During meals it is considered impolite to wear a hat.
  • Visitors should always be friendly and open towards the locals and respect the local traditions.

Suggested clothing:

  • Shoulders and stomachs must be covered, as well as the chest until the collar bone and the legs until the knees.
  • When visiting the local church, all visitors must cover their shoulders and stomachs and wear trousers/sarongs reaching below the knees.

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