Homestay Pemo


Contact: Abu Kasim Dari / Ibu Diana Sánchez

Telephone: +62 (0) 813 5712 3761 / (0)812 3687 5241

Email: n/a

Address: Pemo Village, Kelimutu, Ende, Flores

Room rate: IDR 110.000 (includes breakfast)


Pemo Village can be accessed by buses, bemos and cars from either Maumere or Ende via Moni. Once in Moni, Pemo may be accessed by ojek (scooter taxi) within approximately 30 minutes for 35.000 to 50.000 IDR.

Ende – Moni (2 – 2.5 hours): multiple departures daily, leaving from the Ended bus terminal.

  • Pricing: Bus (around 50.000 IDR), Bemo (around 35.000 IDR), Car (around 80.000 IDR).

Maumere – Moni (3 – 4 hours): multiple departures daily leaving from the Maumere bus terminal.

  • Pricing: Bus (around 50.000 IDR, Bemo (around 40.000 IDR), Car (around 80.000 IDR)

Please be aware that local transport often runs late and that the provided prices may increase in the future due to the rising costs of petrol on the island of Flores.


The village of Pemo is a tranquil traditional agricultural village that lies high up in the mountains, along the southeast face of the Kelimutu Volcano. This small village, of 450 people, is located half way between Ende and Maumere on the Trans-Flores highway. Due to its location in the mountains, Pemo provides spectacular vistas from which visitors can see the surrounding valleys, mountains and coast lines. The village is set high above the clouds and light pollution, allowing breathtaking views of the sunrise, sunset and milky way. Pemo is the perfect location for nature lovers, as well as those looking for a more serene alternative to Moni from which to visit Kelimutu Volcano.

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Ten homestay families have recently joined the homestay network. These houses provide comfortable living areas and cosy bedrooms, including mattresses, blankets and other facilities, depending on the homestay. The bathroom facilities of the houses feature a traditional squatter toilet, as well as a bucket shower, which is refreshing in the heat of the day. The village receives 24 hours of electricity per day.


The vast majority of food in Pemo is locally sourced from fields and plantations. The fertile volcanic soil and great climate provide ideal farming conditions in Pemo.  As a result there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as livestock. Breakfast is included in the price of your stay. Additional meals can be purchased for 25.000 IDR per meal. You may also help in preparing your meal with your host! If you have any food preferences (e.g. vegetarian) or allergies, please inform us upon reservation.


Traditional Houses, Dancing and Music

Pemo contains several traditional houses. These are historic homes were built by the Lio people of the Kelimutu area. Constructed using traditional methods and locally sourced bamboo, these homes provide a glimpse into the past and allow visitors to experience the history and culture of the village.  During the summer months, parties are frequently held in the village that include local music, dancing, and traditions.

Organic Farming and Coffee and Cocoa Production

Kelimutu Volcano provides its hillsides and surrounding valleys with rich volcanic soils, making agriculture the most common occupation in Pemo. The fertile soils allow locals to practice the organic farming of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as coffee and cocao. Visitors are welcomed to take a tour of Pemo\’s farms so that they may have a first hand look at local food production, understand an important aspect of  daily village life and even have a taste of freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

Ikat Weaving

One of the oldest professions in Pemo is Ikat weaving. This ancient weaving technique is used to create traditional garments for the local people. The striking Ragi Mite, for men, and the intricately designed Lawo, for women, are traditional sarongs produced by the local women and can take anywhere from four days to two weeks to complete. Visitors to Pemo are welcomed to watch the traditional weaving process up close and have a look at the hand woven products available for purchase.

Kelimutu National Park

Pemo Village is located only 2km from one of the most popular tourist destinations on Flores, Kelimutu National Park. The ancient volcanic landscape the three tri-colored crater lakes and 360 views attract thousands of people to the region every year. From Pemo, the summit can be reached by foot with a relaxing two hour hike through the forest or 40 minutes by ojek. Be sure to provide enough time for your ascent so as not to miss the sunrise! Visitors are required to pay IDR 150.000 upon entrance to the national park.

Nature Walk, Trekking and Bird Watching

The mountainside of Kelimutu Volcano is home to a wide variety of bird, reptile and mammal species. The pathways leading from Pemo Village into the forests and surrounding hills provide perfect locations for hikers to spot snakes, parrots, bats and eagles, among other wildlife. It is advised that you obtain a guide for a nature walk outside of Pemo Village.                   

Waterfall Hike (Air Tujun)

A twenty minute hike from Pemo Village takes visitors to the base of a unique and beautiful waterfall. Three streams of water drop 50 feet into a quiet and secluded gully, sacred to the local inhabitants. At the moment, the path leading from the village is steep, unmaintained and can be quite dangerous and is only suggested for hikers in good physical condition. Improvements to the trail are being planned by the people of Pemo for the next tourist season.

Hot Springs (Air Panas)

Volcanic activity in the area has create a hot spring that pours out fresh, naturally heated spring water. The hot spring is located just outside of Joni and can be reached by an hours walk or 2o minute ojek ride. The spectacular mountain views and relaxing water provide a perfect end to a day of hard trekking.

This Code of Conduct was established together with the homestay families and members of the community. All visitors to the homestays should follow these rules. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Traditional clothing must be warn when entering the traditional house (Sa’o ria) Ragi Mite for men and Lawo for women
  • Please ask permission (in bahasah Indonesian) before taking photos of locals.“Boleh saya potret (Anda)?” “bo-leh sa-ya po-tret (an-da)”
  • Basic language communication should be made between tourists and hosts, this can be facilitated by a simple phrase booklet and dictionary in each of the homestays. The aim is to enhance the experience for both participants.
  • Tourist may drink local alcohol at meal times with the hosts of the homestays. However, bringing alcohol into the community to drink is prohibited.
  • Please be respectful at night when walking through the village.
  • Showing affection (e.g. kissing) in public areas, including the shared living spaces within the homestays should be avoided.
  • Tourists may visit the local church and mosque, but are not allowed to enter or take photos during the times of prayer.
  • Take moderate care in clothing (i.e nothing too revealing) in order to respect local culture.
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